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  • Hi, does anyone know if this plugin is still being actively maintained? For months now the integration doesn’t work on twitter share buttons and today share counts for Facebook have disappeared. Plugin hasn’t been updated and emails to AddThis support go unanswered. Can anyone recommend a decent alternative with a similar feature set? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  • Elsa


    Hi there,

    Thanks for contacting AddThis Support:)

    1. Bitly changed their API ( so for pubs who haven’t yet updated their Client ID and Secret and still have their old credentials saved, is it expected that it will stop working.

    Now you need to update the bitty credentials for the new api and add them in the dashboard settings.

    2. We’re showing counts for Facebook directly from Facebook Graph API. Facebook Graph API service seems temporarily down due to downtime. Wait and retry operation later.

    3. You can send any queries related to our widgets to and our support team will assist you.


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    Hi Elsa, thank you for your reply.

    We have fixed the issue as per your instructions. However, Facebook shares continue to be a problem as posts with thousands of shares show no shares at all on the share buttons or, in cases where they do show, they are completely inaccurate. Is this still a Facebook issue or something else?

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Hi Elsa,

    Not sure I’ll get a response to this but here goes: It’s now been a month and a half that I reported this problem and it’s clear that shares not being displayed is an AddThis issue, not a Facebook issue. We’ve installed other competing platforms and shares display just fine.

    TBH We’ve invested a lot of time in setting up AddThis across our site and that’s why we haven’t uninstalled it (yet), but the lack of / inaccurate Facebook shares etc is hurting our social proof. We have articles with thousands of shares in Facebook debugger that show no shares in AddThis or wildly inaccurate numbers.

    We’ve sent numerous follow ups to your support email that have gone unanswered. I realize AddThis is free, and if you’re planning a plugin update sometime soon that’s fine, we can wait a bit, but if your parent company is planning to abandon the plugin then you owe it to users to let them know.

    Thanks in advance.



    Facebook deprecated the endpoint we used to pull shares,

    so we’re unable to fetch the Facebook share counts now.

    We are absolutely still committed to providing this service moving forward and have begun the process of migration which we expect to be complete in 1-2 weeks or less.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding!

    Thread Starter Julius E


    Hi Elsa, thank you for your reply. Let’s hope 🙂

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