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  • Update came yesterday, so I guess Allen is still around 😉

    Great news Bjorn!!!



    Yes, it does appear Allen is still around. Unfortunately, he chooses to fix what he wants to fix, not what’s actually wrong with the software.

    Here’s what I get EVERY TIME I “CHECK ALL FEEDS NOW” in “Diagnostics”:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::error() in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas08_data01/98/2512298/html/wp-content/plugins/wp-rss-multi-importer/inc/diagnostics.php on line 35

    Also, I have to deactivate, reactivate, clear cache, run the 3 cron jobs manually, and then pray really hard to get the feeds to import and turn into posts.

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    Mine seems to be working with no errors, but not sure there’s any output.

    Have it working on a newly rebuilt site as well with no problems. The only hitch is that the site’s running WP 4.1.2 with but with the latest version of this plugin. No errors when running the diagnostic.

    The developer is obviously operating in stealth node. Nonetheless I’m glad he’s taking the time to update the plugin.

    Thanks and consider the requests to keep the plugin active.

    Hey @markvc, I’m the Team Leader at WP RSS Aggregator.. what is it that you found too complicated with our plugin? I can answer any questions you have about it if you’d like, and we’re always looking for feedback to make improvements 🙂

    It’s also worth noting that we provide great support for both the free core plugin and premium add-ons, and are constantly working on developing and improving it with a team of 5 people.

    The plugin is gone again now?

    But still working great on my site btw.

    I actually got Allen Weiss to reply om my comment on Google+ And he confirmed that WordPress removed it.

    Se below screenshot

    After having sites hacked due to “favorite” plugins not being updated by the developers I’ve learned that it’s best to let go than hang on hoping the developer will become motivated to keep the project updated.

    This plugin has “money” written all over it and for the life of me I can’t understand why he refuses to pursue this option and keep it updated. You have only a handful of competitors so you’d win hands down!
    This is what sucks about open source and not being a “coder”. When a coder decides to go play kickball instead of updating their plugin you’re left flapping in the wind. >:-/

    I’ve got multiple projects that I’m desperate to use this feature on and although I don’t mind paying for plugins or support your pricing system is kind of “frustrating” so I choose not to use it. The features you charge for free are included in this and I think the WP Pipes plugin for free. You charge for feed to post, add categories, excerpts and thumbnails! That’s almost $200 for just these three (3) features! Wow! I won’t say how I really feel! No disrespect, I guess this plugin has spoiled me so my expectations may be slightly skewed in terms of what I should get for free and what’s deemed premium.

    Starting to look @wp Pipes more closely.

    Here’s where I’m at now…

    I tried WP Pipes and it’s pretty slick. It does a lot of cool things once you figure it out. My problem with it is that it can’t create posts using “custom-post-types”. I absolutely have to use custom-post-types or my search feature won’t work properly.

    So I broke down and purchased WP RSS Aggregator. I had some buyer’s remorse at first. I realized that there were a few features that I thought were there but were not.

    The good news…I received excellent support from the guys at RSS Aggregator and they gave me a few snippets of code that added the missing features I needed. Also, I found several new features in it that turned out to be very useful.

    I agree though, WP RSS Multi Importer has money written all over it. I would have paid for it in a heartbeat. It’s always good to have competition too.

    In Summary…
    WP Pipes –
    Works good once you figure it out.
    No custom-post-type support
    Not sure how well it handles a large number of feeds (I only tested one)
    WP RSS Aggregator –
    Excellent support (In my opinion)
    Has some features that Multi Importer didn’t
    The only real alternative to RSS Multi Importer
    WP RSS Multi Importer

    Good luck to everyone in your search!

    Not sure I follow when you say unable to publish custom post types. At this point all I’m doing is creating posts from imported news posts. Sounds like I need to research on posting RSS feeds for custom post types.

    In viewing the WP RSS multi importer I see that they only provide two features by default:
    Display feeds from one or more sites on your blog
    Aggregate feeds from multiple sites

    Everything else has a cost and for those prices you should get excellent support. Whereas on the other hand WP Pipes provides way more features for free. So I’ll cut my teeth on this one and have the other one as an absolute last resort.





    Any news on whether or not rss multi importer is coming back. I use it on and and it works great.

    Didn’t know until yesterday that it was discontinued. Terrible shame.

    Anyone found a really good replacement? Is there one?


    ken gray

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