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  • I cannot locate it either. Allen what is going on??

    This plugin the best at what it does… We have tested others… They dont compare… Is there any place to get a download?

    This is a sad day. My all time favorite plugin is gone!

    Been searching for this plugin and judging by the comments above the author has decided to no longer support it? Please say it aint so? If need be create a pro version, slap a price tag, and bring it back! The alternative WP RSS Aggregator is too price and complicated.

    I found this post that leads me to believe it was removed by WordPress due to a security issue and that it may return once it is fixed 🙂

    Not sure why the link didn’t post. Link

    What’s interesting to me is that I have that plugin installed and working on a new site and haven’t ran into any issues. Is there a write up on this security issue? It’s gonna suck to have to take out the plugin as it’s the main feature of the site.
    What’s annoying is that while I don’t mind paying for plugins $77 – $139 seems too high and just feels wrong! So I’m hoping the developer sees the revenue potential and brings it back as is with a lesser price tag.

    I agree. The “other” aggregator plugin seems fine and I would even pay the $70 asking price if I got the full plugin (You only get one addon for that price). And I’d do it if I only had to pay once (It’s an annually recurring fee if you want updates). So I would love to see rss multi importer return with a one-time fee that was reasonable. I also have the plugin running on my site with no issues… So far so good:)

    I dunno.. According to GitHub version 3.14 was released on March 20th (link). I can’t, however, find a download for the plugin from anyplace I would trust. grrrrr. There are 100s of WP plugins that haven’t been updated for 2-5 years, so I’m curious as to why this one was singled out.

    I hear ya. As I’m sure you know, I definitely wouldn’t download plugins from untrusted sources. I’ve read Nightmares about people loading plugins with malware in them that’s almost impossible to remove. I’ve been looking at WP Pipes as an alternative just in case multi importer is really dead. I’m not sold on it yet though.


    This is a service I used several years ago that functioned in a similar way, with free and paid versions. You picked your category/categories, then had a choice of approving each article manually, or letting them all post. It seems to have recently become defunct, too, and, apparently, they blame google:

    Article Marketing Automation

    From the site:

    “Why did we close the doors?

    It’s simple. AMA still works. Google are targeting networks which confirms one thing. Networks work. And they work too well. But this targeting, it’s being done by manual intervention.

    Our first priority, is to protect the network, and how that network works. We’ll improve how our system works. We’ll tighten our belts. We were the first, and we’ll likely be the last. But understand one thing.

    If AMA does go the way of the dodo, we’ll man up and tell you.”

    Hmm, the plot thickens..

    Glanced over WP Pipes initially but may have to re-consider if nothing comes of Multi Importer. Hoping the developer will chime in any second and provide some type of update.

    I know…That would be great! How about it Allen? Throw us a bone and let us know if your amazing plugin will return. Anyway,I’m sure it’s not easy providing something for free and giving support and updates as well. He may just be burned out? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for now.

    ah…. it is sad…

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