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  • Is this plugin necessary if using WP >= 4.4 ?

    Given that WP since version 4.4 has (some measure of?) responsive image support I’m wondering what this plugin brings to the table not already provided.

    I’m asking because I have a site that is using WP 4.8.3 and I can see “srcset” attributes in my some of my content at least in my blog posts.

    But if I look in some output generated by my theme (H-Code) shortcodes e.g. a kind of stylised 4 column image gallery. Those images are missing srcset attributes.

    I’m looking around for ways to make those images also be responsive. I could bug the theme developers but thought I’d check out any responsive image related plugins to see if they might do it.

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  • Plugin Author stefanledin


    It’s correct that WordPress has built in support for responsive images these days. That wasn’t the case when I released RWP some three years ago.
    The advantage RWP had over the native implementation is the use of Picturefill. Browser support for srcset and sizes is way better now than then, so it’s not that big of a selling point longer to be honest.
    However, what I personally like most about RWP is the rwp_img() and rwp_style() functions. Depending on how your theme and shortcode is made, rwp_img() could be implemented to make those images responsive.

    Documentation and examples can be found here.

    Hope that was somewhat helpful! Good luck.

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