• Why do I need this plugin to display my events ?

    Also, why google map doesn’t load on my event ? Even with a custom API key ? Why can’t I use Openmap ?

    So many questions, so few answers…

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  • Plugin Author Brian Hogg


    Hi @benoitadam !

    Sorry for the confusion, but as we’re not related to Modern Tribe (the makers of The Events Calendar) I’m not sure why we’re getting a 1 star rating for us providing additional functionality to their plugin.

    It’s not required, but it lets you display a list of events in places other than the default Events page their plugin provides. You can see an overview of our shortcode and the main calendar plugin here:

    Our plugin doesn’t provide a map view, so best bet would be to reach out to the support for The Events Calendar itself here:


    Happy to answer any questions about our shortcode plugin on our support forum rather than a 1-star review 🙂



    @benoitadam : Your 1 star is very unfair posting, not helpfull at all and not related to this nice plugin!

    You can use this plugin to show events – e-g- in lists – on your pages, which you manage with another plugin (The Events Calendar – TEC). TEC does it itself, but I beleive only in the pro version, not in the free version.

    Why Google maps does not show on your events is your problem, not the one from this plugin. If it does not show up in TEC events it is for sure your condifiguration.

    Also OpenMap is completly off the topic here.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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