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  • None of the previous support questions seemed to be answered. I send an e-mail to the maker of the plugin with no reply so far. I installed the plugin and it seems to work. However, I have several questions:

      1) I have added a lot of items in the knowledge base of the robot. How can I search to ensure I am not adding what is already there?
      2) Sometimes it seems to take a long time before the robot kicks in. Long means 10-20 seconds. A few times nothing happens until I change to another page on the same site and then it seems to update. Is this normal?
      3) I have been using it for 36 hours and the chat robot appears in all pages which is fine. However the Dashboard when logged in to Livechat24/7 says widget status not installed. My WordPress installation does not seem to have a widget even if the Livechat 24/7 plugin is installed and working. Please tell a bit more about the widget.
      4) The Dashboard when logged in to Livechat24/7 shows no activity despite the page with “chats” showing many. How come?

    5) It says the chatbot learns. How? It seems to know what I put into the knowledge base and that is good. However, are any live chats automatically added to the knowledge base? This is unclear and would be good to know.

    This plugin seems very promising. I consider commencing a paid subscription but it would be nice to see a life sign from the maker before doing so.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Update: This plugin worked reasonably well. However, I never managed to get any life sign from the maker and none of the support issues here seems to be answered. Hence, putting in effort in learning your livechat24/7 chatbot using this plugin may in the end turn out to be a waste of time.

    I am currently evaluating the plugin IBM Watson instead testing on this web page: IBM Watson seems to work reasonably well, although it lacks the feature to take over the conversation like livechat24/7. IBM Watson is much more complicated than livechat24/7. Hence, IBM Watson will take more time to get up and running compared to livechat24/7 but support for IBM seems to be alive (but a bit slow).

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