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  • As anyone can see that you no longer reply in support forums and the plugin itself has not updated for longtime. I was in search for a multilingual plugin and found this one interesting than any other paid plugin. Only problem is that do you still support it or plugin is dead.

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  • I think its dead. We were a majority, who told the developers they needed some sort of licensed version of the plugin – in order to keep up the motivation for developing/improving this plugin (this was approx a year ago).

    However, Clause and the others arthurs were pretty resolute; this wouldn’t be a problem!

    7 months have passed without a single update.

    Nevertheless, the plugin works, but if you use Yoast there will be incompatibility-issues. I had to go through these issues myself, modifying the code several places in qtx and slug-qtx.

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    It would be a real shame if qtranslate-x was dead: now it works quite well, but as said Unicco there are some compatibility issues with Yoast Seo.

    I’m still using qtranslate-x, but I’m worried about the future, I don’t want migrate to WPML, one of the worst plugin that I know, is not user friendly and requires a lot of additional database queries.

    Hi, guys! I used that plugin one year ago that’s why I liked its simplicity. The best part that I like about this plugin is LSB ( language switching button ). @fburatti like you I’m also worried about the future.
    It would be good news if some guys fork this plugin to GitHub and keep it updated. I don’t know PHP, but I’m learning.
    I have found a similar plugin which has similar functionalities like QtranslateX. The LSB, language chooser and also configuration, is too easy. The only thing that I didn’t like is, it requires paid version to translate the URL slug.
    The plugin is WPGlobus Give it a try. Compatible with all plugin. Let me know if you like it or already used.


    I recently had contact with Gunu. He told me that John is currently working on other projects but he goes to work on this project again when he has time.

    Gunu is also working on another project, but when it is finished, he will try to get the qTranslate X support forum back online.

    Hi guys.

    I completely agree with you. This is the best approach, the plugin is great, works like a charm!
    It would be a really sorry if it would lost.
    I’m also worried about Yoast issues and the future of the plugin.

    I hope developers turn back to work, and tell us if we can contribute in any way.
    I’m a graphic designer BTW,and a coding enthusiast.

    Looks like there are at least a couple of issues in this thread, so…

    The graphs at can give you some idea of recent activity (not a whole lot, sadly).

    Check out for translating the slug, and for compatibility with Yoast SEO.

    Does someone know how to get the plugin version 3.8 from github? I’m not used to github and maybe it’s a silly question but I really don’t understand how to download the plugin.
    Do I have to click on download button or what?

    I solved it. Thanks


    @wocmultimedia i dont see ver 3.8 ….

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    @raykaii go to github and you find there the v.3.8 it solved me some issues.

    Last Updated: 8 months ago …. I’m getting quite worried about this.
    I made several multi-language sites with the help of this plug-in, it works but lately more issues are coming up. It would be such a pity … but if there is no forthcoming maintenance I’ll probably have to make a switch to wpml …

    @jakobuz before switching to WPML try WpGlobus. It is same like qTranslate-x or even better then qtranslate-x.
    Compatible with Yoast and many plugins.

    Note: I’m not affiliated with them. Just want to help qtranslate-x users.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    I am sorry for your trouble. We currently do not have resources to answer support questions for free and rely on the community to provide a possible solution, which seems to work well in many cases. Many thanks to our active community members who take a good time to answer people’s problems!

    Most of the problems should be resolvable with and

    We need to figure out a way to monetize the support and further development. We would highly appreciate if you take about 5 minutes of your time to respond to the survey linked here:

    Any ideas and additional input are also welcome, use the same thread linked above for everyone to see your thoughts.

    Thanks a lot!
    Oops! That page can’t be found.

    100’000+ downloads… i think at least thousend users are sad. But that is the risk with open source stuff. With WPGlobus will soon or later happens the same.
    A pity WP do not understand the importance of multi-languages functionality and overtake the project.

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