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  • I have number of problems with this plugin. Many functions not works correctly. I went through support forum and here is no ANY support from plugin author in very long time. I was trying to contact him directly and there is no response at all.

    Maybe it need some attention from WP administration to remove this plugin from WP plugins archive as it doesn’t work properly and have no support.
    Also I’m voting this plugin as not working.

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  • Development may have ceased, but the plugin works just fine currently.

    I don’t know how you use plugin, on your site but this plugin loose 90% of feeds information, it cant work correctly with large database, it doesn’t work correctly with cron, it loose assigned categories and tags and required a lot of manual editing after each update.

    It doesn’t show ACTUAL number of aggregated posts, after each update it show “20 items” even if there were none, or 2 items, or 50 items.

    It can’t keep up with its own schedule. Instead of 4 hours interval it revisit sites in 2-3-4 days later.

    You call it “works just fine currently” ? 🙂
    If “Development may have ceased” – that mean plugin full of problems that will never be fixed, therefore – plugin is dead.

    Mine doesn’t lose any information, works perfectly fine with a HUGE database, works perfectly with CRON. Categories and tags come from the feed and don’t have anything to do with the plugin.

    The schedule in the plugin is not relevant if you are using a CRON job.

    So, far from dead.

    Well, how “HUGE” is DB? I have near 1,500,000 entries and feed should add approximately 100-200 new entries every hour, but instead it adds 20-30 and missed categories and tags in third of it.

    >Categories and tags come from the feed and don’t have anything to do with the plugin.
    Not really, plugin should insert it from xml and missed often.

    >The schedule in the plugin is not relevant if you are using a CRON job.
    I know. What I mean is it missed schedule no matter of settings.

    Before I wrote this post I spent a lot of time to play with settings but problems still there. I was tried to contact author number of times and never get a word in response.

    Last Updated: 2013-5-4

    Is there any plugin alternative?

    passxxx, I would love to find an alternative too. I was trying about 7 of RSS aggregator plugins, so far no luck.

    If you have such a huge job maybe you should also put the required investment to that instead of taking the free route and complaining about it. It’s GPL, you can fix it and give back to the community.

    That said, it works fine for me now ( the plugin ) but I’m fearing for the future since it gets a little bit old.

    Bas Schuiling – I was ready to spent money, I contacted author but got no answer from plugin developer.
    To hire anybody else to fix huge plugin with unknown code investment will double or triple.

    And please don’t blame me for “complaining”. I’m not complaining, my post is “BEWARE!” not complain. 🙂

    The author should turn it into a commercially supported Pro or Premium version, if it would help him keep interest in working on it.

    I just started creating my own add-ons for it, and it’s very easily extendable. You can do some great things with it to manipulate feeds and enhance the results.

    Beer, it would be great if plugin will have Pro version.
    I have a few addons but I can’t do any changes inside core files.

    This plugin worked fine for quite a while until a few weeks ago. It now causes the following problems with the WP Expound theme.
    1. unable to access to WP-Admin dashboard.
    2. disables the WP Slideshow Posts plugin.
    3. disables the WP Archive widget.

    Would like to get it fixed… I currently have it disabled.
    WP 3.9.1

    Well, it definitely does NOT disable the dashboard, since I’m using it daily, so I would suggest disabling the other two plugins you mentioned and see if the dashboard returns.

    Everything works properly unless I have FeedWordPress active. WP SlideShow Posts has been deleted. The Category and Archive widgets also work fine as long as FeedWordPress is not active.

    I have gone through all the installed plugins and FeedWordPress is the one causing these problems.

    Except it can’t be if no one else is having the issue. Specifically, have you disabled ALL plugins AT THE SAME TIME, other than FeedWordPress?

    Ok, just did that and the problems continue with FeedWordPress as the only active plugin. As I said before, when FeedWordPress is deactivated the problems go away.

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