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  1. James1800
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hey guys,
    I am trying to build a site to look like this design I created in photoshop (all graphic art skills, no code skills) http://i.imgur.com/GLGDnCh.jpg

    Eventually I hope to find a theme with a nice sizable slider and customizable background and header but my current mission is to find a way to implement big omnipotent sidebar ads like the ones in the image (in this case a fake ad for How to Succeed in Show business). The kind that scroll along with your page, etc. are clickable, and randomly generate.

    Now, I found a great randomly generating background plugin that allowed for clickability, and I thought that might be my fix until realizing that on different sized monitors, the ads would be in very different places, and God forbid, covered - so I am thinking this might be done through some kind of frame?

    In either case, I would love if there is a plugin for this that someone would be able to point me toward.

    Thank you,

    (A good example of these type of ads can usually be found on imdb.com )

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