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  • Someone left a comment on my website; its actually a first comment for the site but to me its a little weird because the comment was for an article that really didn’t have much. It reads:

    Hi thank you for an perceptive post, I actually found your blog by mistake while searching on Goole for something else nearly related, in any case before i ramble on too much i would just like to state how much I enjoyed your post, I have bookmarked your site and also taken your RSS feed, Once Again thank you very much for the blog post keep up the good work.

    The article only contained a few bullet points and a video. The url provided was to a twitter spamming tool site

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  • Yup, that’s a common sort of comment spam. Especially when the author’s URL (and/or name) is spammy.

    I’ve been getting quite a few of these past Akismet. One of them even said that my site wasn’t working in Google Chrome, and another had words that were in my post (so it seemed like it COULD have been a real post).

    These bots are getting more clever by the month.

    My sad suspicion is that they’re not bots but actual people paid to do it :-\

    I’d like to think I’m wrong… but…

    yea I deleted it, it does convincingly look like an actual person wrote that….very sad.

    Sometimes, you just can’t resist approving them, right? Just remember to strip out their links and/or edit their names to not give ’em any link love for the trouble you had to take.

    Can you forward it to Management see what they think? It could be a general conversation. They may have made a typo on there url they left by error. In my opinion.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    No, it’s spam, pure and simple. Kill ’em.

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