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  • I am using the search plugin of for multisite search (originally relating to wpmu).

    Recently I found if I do a search of certain term like ‘success’, then it shows up posts that do not exist!

    And not just that, if I am logged in as admin, it would even show edit button and take me to backend page – of course the page does not have any update or other options

    The frontend URL does give ‘not found’ error


    Screenshot 1

    Screenshot 2

    I am posting this, because, i somehow feel that this has to do with the core, and not the plugin.

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  • There’s an extremely good chance the plugin doesn’t work in 3.0. Looks like it’s finding posts from other blogs and making them appear to come from the main blog.

    Quick test: disable the plugin. Try the per-site search.

    I’m pretty sure that that plugin is specifically designed to search all posts and pages from all blogs on a multisite network. It’s also updated to work on 3.0, see here:

    Though, I second Andrea’s last comment in that you should try the per-site search on your /success/ blog to see if the same problem shows up. If not, you should report the bug concerning the non-existant post to the plugin’s respective author so that they can fix it.

    awesome, hadn’t checked to see if it was updated.

    Tho, yeah, it’s possible there’s a bug in the plugin itself, you know? the post has to exist somewhere – search the database to see where it’s coming from.

    I have written my above post only after updating the plugin. I came across such result only after I updated to WP3.

    The site search plugin is active only in blog 1 – and not in other blogs. So, you can compare search

    Normal WP search:

    With site search plugin:

    Frankly I am nonplussed as to from where it is being fetched. Anyway, I have already informed the plugin author.

    The site search plugin is active only in blog 1

    That is probably the issue. It is supposed to be installed in the /wp-content/mu-plugins/ folder so it runs on all blogs all the time.

    Is the mu-plugin directory still relevant under WP3 ?

    Or one could take the route of ‘network-activate’?

    However, i feel that if the ‘mu-plugin’ directory were still relevant, then the search should have thrown up weird results in all instances – why in this very rare instance?


    The mu-plugins folder has been supported in regualr wordPress since 2.8. So yes, it’s still relevant.

    You’ll see it show in the backend as a “must-use” plugins folder.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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