• Hi,

    I was just wondering if anyone is maintaining the Reviews Plus plugin?

    I don’t seem to find the plugin anywhere on the ImpleCode website, and this support section is dead. So I was wondering if there was a future for this plugin, or is it just “as-is”?

    It seems to have potential.


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    Hi @bubbalovestv,

    Yes, it is being maintained! The last update was three months ago.

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    Hi @ndre

    Thanks for your response!

    I have 2 CSS support issues, and I have 1 feature requests.

    First support:

      – Reviews with long title overlap the review content, so padding or margins are needed for the title
      – If a reply is made to the reviews, then it is misaligned down the right side of the review

    I posted images of the issues here – Misaligned CSS Needed

    Feature Request:

      – Ability to adjust location of image, name, stars, and title!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Oh sorry, and 1 more feature request…

    Disable star ratings for users who leave comments on other people reviews.

    For example, if someone leaves a review, and you comment on their review, then you really should not have the option to leave a star rating. A star rating should only be allowed for level 1 comment, not for nested replies. imo…


    Plugin Contributor ndre


    Hi @bubbalovestv,

    Thank you for reporting the issues. In the future, please make a separate post for each case for easier tracking.

    Would you please provide an example URL where we can see the issue?

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