Is this all step I need to do to move my WP installed from a domain to another (2 posts)

  1. kristina11
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have told to look at someone's wordpress and move them to another place.
    for now they want from /demo directory to root directory/

    How I can do this.

    I feel this will be step to taken to do this.

    Export the database from demo site in SQL format.
    Make a bulk find and replace for domain name to new server domain name.

    Make copy of files where themes,plugins stores.

    now Install WP on new server and put your plugin and themes their.
    set the database in wp-config.php file.

    Do I missing any step and this is all I need to do for migrate my WP from a domain to another domain.

    Is this step right or I am miss anything here. I have no experience with WP so I feel someone can help me here to know if I am going in right direction.

  2. Is this all step I need to do to move my WP installed from a domain to another

    That looks correct (on 1 cup of coffee) but why not visit the instructions in the Codex?


    As long as you have good, complete and current file and database backups and know how to restore them then there's not much harm you need to worry about. You can always put it back if you have to with those backups.


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