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  • Is this a true wordpress website?
    Some of the pages have individual <div></divs>
    I am doing CMS that allows someone to edit some text on a page.
    To get a page looking like this do I have to put the entire html into the text area? This would mean that anyone new to the company would have to work through lots of html tags to get to the text they want to change. Any accidents would wreck the page. Please tell me if this is the case in the pages of this website.
    Has 3 Div’s with links
    This has a

    Is this how I go about this?

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  • it is just the basic twenty ten theme with plugins

    the one used you are interested in is

    you can do a view source on the page and see all plugins used

    I have been asked to create a CMS website using wordpress. The idea being that any one (even a child out of school) could go in and edit the text for a page. No knowledge of html or tags.

    If the page requires divs and tables. Then I assume I would have to enter not only the text but effectively all the web page code within the body tags of a standard web page. I have asked this question but nobody want’s to answer it.

    This would mean that anyone editing any text would have to have some knowledge of html.


    you don’t manually put the div’s and tables in individual pages – wordpress or plugins take care of that

    I suggest you install wordpress and plugins and learn what it does in a test folder or locally on your machine

    Ok I have downloaded unzipped and uploaded imagedrop. I have made it active
    I beleive I have to add something like
    <! ……>

    How do I place the plugin where I need it? I was looking for a button Add plug in that would add it at he cursor point on the editor?


    with that plugin you edit or add new an post or page
    click the image and drag it where you want it on the page.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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