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  • If this is a support form for WordPress. How would a person go about obtaining such support? I have had little to no help from anyone other that other users struggling to get it to install. Is there anyone here that can and is willing to really help?

    I would appreciate it if there was and they would come forward.

    Robert White

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  • Support is never guaranteed with free software. A LOT of people use WordPress, and even if the developers wanted to, there would be no way for them to personally help everyone. It is just not feasible.

    Support comes from those who volunteer their time, and these forums help many. Sometimes it is just a matter of knowing what to search for. It also helps to just use search engines to try to find issues related to your own. Many people post solutions to issues on their own sites.

    The other option, of course, is to pay someone to help you. There are many people who offer such services, but one cannot expect perfect support for free. This does not just apply to WordPress, but to any free software.

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