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  • So my site is running really slow when logged in. Like a 2-6 seconds delay before pages start to load. Always happens right off, but once it starts to load it happens pretty quickly.

    When I open Developer Tools in the Network tab, its the first first thing on my list, connecting to the domain name takes several seconds, then everything starts moving.

    So is there some sort of bottleneck? or problem with the database? or is this something switching hosts might fix?

    The site itself isn’t too bad, probably because everything is cached but it makes life hard when I’m trying to do work and everything in the CP and the front end is so sluggish.

    I’m more familiar with ExpressionEngine and Drupal so if someone has a good resource on debugging in WP, beyond the obvious: check plugins, check the theme, cache everything… let me know.

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    Can you replicate the problem using the default Twenty Thirteen theme with all plugins deactivated?

    Think it may be the theme.

    Deactivating Plugins chipped away a little bit but the theme brought the load time down the most. Still not blazing fast but could probably live with it.

    So if it is the theme, what might I do to troubleshoot that, aside from choosing a different one. The theme I’ve chose has tons of widgets and images, so it’s going to take longer to load regardless, but I’m not sure why it would cause a holdup initially.

    When digging in more it looks like the cacheing plugin might be slowing things down the most. Quick Cache is what I’m using. I tried one or two other of the popular caching plugins before this but they all broke the site.

    I guess I should keep that disabled and cache the site via .htaccess.

    Thats pretty weird that you have quick cache to speed up the sites’s loading and instead it slows it down, aye
    PS Which theme were you using? 🙂



    Sometimes slow loading speed could be hosting problem, especially if your webhosting provider has many accounts on the single server causing overload or many simultaneous connections to the MySQL database.

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