Is This A Bug? wp2.3x Categories & Future Posts (3 posts)

  1. srp0uk
    Posted 8 years ago #


    scheduling a future post does not cause the category count to increment when the post becomes published (because the post date passed).

    I was testing some code, but when I went through the normal WP Admin GUI and sheduled a post for 2 minutes time, the 2 minutes came and went, the post appeared, but the catagory count remained the same.

    I notice that the WP Cron uses publish_future_post as the action, and this action is hooked to wp_publish_post in default-filters.php. The wp_publish_post funtion (in post.php) DOES NOT make any attempt to update the catgegory count in any way.

    Looking back at version 2.2x I notice that it does indeed call other funtions that handle this, but the 2.3x version of this funtion merely updates the post_status field in posts and nothing more.

    Can I confirm that this is a bug, and how do I report it for further investigation?


  2. srp0uk
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Actually, that does work, but not when called from code.

    Never mind. Doh!

    My problem is, I insert posts with wp_insert_post (using code NOT the GUI) with a future post status, and wordpress schedules it fine, but when the post goes live, the category count is not updated (see my post above for the 'function/hook trail').

  3. srp0uk
    Posted 8 years ago #

    No, what I said still stands, it is broken when posting from the GUI too.

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