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  • reproducable
    1) use the TwentyTen theme
    2) create a template using the ‘Page of Posts’ example from
    3) create some post with a category – more than a page worth
    4) create a page called ‘MyTest’ and assign it the ‘PageofPosts’ template
    5) add a custome field ‘category’ and the name of your category
    6) test it out, it will go to the second page with no problem. If you look at the link you will see: (the 50 is my page id)
    7) go to dashboard->settings->reading and change ‘Front Page Displays’ to ‘a static page’ and set the Front Page to MyTest
    8) go view the page and try to go to the next page.

    What happens is that the first page is fine, but when you try to go to the next page, the link is and the index.php is executed, not the page you specified.

    Is this a bug or can’t you specify a page that has a template as the front page?

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  • I just create a home.php file for a front page, and then leave everything else the same. Don’t need to change the front page displays setting to make it show. WordPress first looks for a home.php then index.php so it will get that first.and you can set your blog link as the index.php

    the idea is that this is a template that can be used on any page. The fact that it works fine except when set as the front page leads me to think that this is a bug.

    It will be the end user who choses weither to use it for the front page or not.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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