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  • Hi

    I have installed Woocommerce and ideally we would like to have a limited number of products but each one has several variations available each adding to the cost on one page, you then go to checkout and add postage and pay.

    We would like the structure of our shop to be something like this;

    1. chose a design from several choices
    a. you can now either go to 3. and just buy the digital design artwork or
    b. continue and add other elements.

    2. Choose an option from a choice of printable items, plus the amount of these and the colour

    3. Allow upload of logo if required to add to design, or for example of colour for design

    4. customer adds any text etc to be included in the design

    5. Add all this to basket
    a. continue shopping and start again from one to add more products or
    b. go to checkout now.

    6. Choose shipping option

    7. Payment through Paypal Express, card or straight through Paypal account

    It would look and work a little like 1-4 above all on the one screen, rather than going to seperate categories, and adding several seperate products, when one page would do.

    Hopefully that makes sense, please let me know if not.

    I appreciate the help.


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