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  • I plan do a separate install of Simple Machine forums(SMF) on my Blog site. It will be accessed via a hyperlink from WordPress site.

    Has anyone done a theme that integrates between the two?

    It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but it does need to be close.

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  • I would be interested in this as well. Anyone?

    Still, nothing. I have some knowledge of PHP but I am a beginner. WordPress is easier to modify since its mostly CSS stuff. I too would like to know if their is a common theme for both. I am close but too many things are different to make me feel comfortable.

    yeah dude- check out my page at here

    there is a trick to it I will be happy to explain, but oyu can use any theme w/ SMF including the one you use for WP…no plug-ins needed.

    oh yeah, click ‘single track forum’ to see the smf.

    or click here



    I’m very much interested in this.

    drewactual – Any ideas on how to do this?



    there is a trick to it…. I see you are using three distinct columns which bodes well…. for the page which you display your smf on I would recommend you don’t use either the left or right column, and create in your wp css another div which spans across where the third (or first) column currently is, and using your main-content column for the majority of the smf.

    you will also have to adjust your smf css to display tables in terms of relative size as opposed to absolute widths…

    this all sounds more difficult than it is….but is far too much to write here…. send me an email: drew (- at-) drews-web (-do t-) com and I will send you the meat of it, and help you out if I can with tweaking it.

    I would love to see somebody who understands code better than me write up a integration piece for these two app’s, as I think they are the best of the two platforms… but until then I guess my way will have to work…. btw, I run a loop between smf/gallery2/and wp in terms of registration/users, that way a user only has to register once… so far so good, but to be honest I haven’t been looking too hard for bugs (cause I know there are a lot there- ignorance is bliss)



    Why not use bbPress? It’s designed to integrate easily with your WP blog.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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