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  • I’ve stumbled over this and I am wondering, given how many 3PL Central based fulfillment companies there are out there, why is there no 3PL Central API integration for WooCommerce? Maybe I’m missing something here? I could only find about two vendors offering the integration for roughly $600/yr.

    How do people integrate WooCommerce and 3PL Central when they don’t have a backend developer in the house and don’t want to spend that money? I mean I know how to call an API but I’m actually wondering why this isn’t out there as a plugin yet, ideally bundled into WooCommerce already? Okay, probably as a $149/yr plugin but that’s still a lot better than $600.

    Many small business outsource their order fulfillment today so this may seem like a useful addition?

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    I don’t know the terminology used for fulfillment services and types, but I do know there are a lot of fulfillment extensions for WooCommerce.


    This forum is predominantly for technical support though, so if you want feedback or suggestions from other store owners you might want to post on one of the Facebook user groups.

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    Hi there,

    thank you for your reply. These solutions are more geared towards people who do their own fulfillment though. 3PL Central is a software that 3PL SP’s use and there doesn’t seam a single plugin that integrates their own API. I’ve contacted 3PL on that to see what they’re saying. Will post the results here. If there really is none then then I might as well write the plugin and post it here for people to use. Probably requires too much customisation to roll out on a broad scale and that’s why it’s not available yet.

    I’m not sure why 3PL Central doesn’t have a Woo Commerce integration because that is pretty widely use, but SphereWMS ( does.

    Unfortunately, changing the system used by the fulfillment company is beyond my influence. We considered changing fulfillment companies altogether though as offering no wooccommerce integration by default is a kind of a red flag. Thanks for everyone’s time but 3PL haven’t been helpful in assisting either so this will perhaps remain an unsolved crime against humanity.



    We have written a WooComerce plugin that enables batch tracking upload, inventory sync and more.

    We will also releasing a new plugin to pull data via API from 3PLClearing. at

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    @svtx I found this topic in my research for 3pl Central integrations. I’ve been in the process of integrating my ERP with 3PL Central and they pushed me in the direction of SPS Commerce, an EDI solution provider.

    Working with their developers has been nothing short of painful – they are very short on people skills and adamant about making sure all parties are on every single call.

    SPS Commerce is clunky and unwieldy and expensive (even for the “prebuilt” solution) and all I require is a basic API integration between the systems.

    I can share your frustration.



    Hi there,

    I’ll check out these options and let you guys know what we ended up using. Great responses on this topic, gotta love the WP community!

    @bigb159 Don’t even get me started on them 3PL folks. I am sure they are good people and all that but they gotta step up their game here by about a mile and a half 😉

    Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help out.

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    Hi! @svtx

    I’m a developer at, we currently offer a plugin that does batch tracking update from 3PL Central into WooCommerce. Also, we can offer you custom development to implement any feature that you want.

    You can get more info at:

    Thankfully I just found this forum. My client is moving to 3PL from another company and already has a functioning Woocommerce site. Please don’t let this thread die, share your experiences and what integration plugin you ended up using and if it’s successful.


    I have used a solution from to sync tracking information by pulling order information trough the 3PL API. Also they have a hosted solution to sync from WooCommerce to 3PL and there are plans for a WooCommerce plugin to do that sync.

    You can get more information and see some screenshots at

    I am SOOOO glad I found this forum. the 3PL people kill me. Miguel, I’ll check out WbDibs – thank yoy, but we are looking for a much more robust plugin that allows for complete integration with 3PL so that we can have the shipping department at the warehouse “ignore” certain SKUs that we want to ship from a different location, or not warehouse with them at all and just go through Woo.

    3Pl has the worst customer service and is so condescending. it’s like a Saturday Night Live bad tech skit.

    Any other help is appreciated and I will share if I find something.

    You’re welcome, I know how do you feel. Talk to them, maybe they can develop you a custom solution.

    Hi All, I am looking and currently working at making the simple connection between WooCommerce and fulfillment centers. I have done quite a bit of custom integrations and have integrated with 3PL before with other third party fulfillers.

    Let me know where I can help and I’d be happy to take a look. I will share the product name once it is launched. The idea is to have WooCommerce (and other ecommerce systems) connect directly to fulfillers for your stores.

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