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    i just wanted to ask – is there a way to overwrite chrome native datepicker with this plugin? Right now it shows two datepickers on chrome for “date” input.

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    It has nothing to do with the chrome datepicker, simply check that if your chrome datepicker is using some matching class so you should use a different. Can you please paste here the input field on which you want to implement jQuery datepicker with this plugin?

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    Hi there,
    Simply select a different CSS selector.


    im using data input from cf7:
    [date my-date]

    from what i saw chrome is adding datepicker automatically to date input. I’m basing this conclusion on this answer from SO:
    – and few others.

    So for example i’m adding #date in wp-datepicker, so the input will look like that:
    [date my-date id:date]
    – in that case there’s two datepickers(on chrome – one is native from chrome and other from wp-datepicker).

    Tested on three different websites. I know i can use text input instead and it works as intended, but i would like to know if there’s possibility to achieve what i asked before.

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    Got it, are you sure that this is happening only in chrome?

    As far as i know Opera uses native datepicker too, but i have no idea if it duplicates same as on Chrome.

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    Please provide the URL so i can check.

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    If i take this problem logically so my plugin supposed to provide jQuery datepicker was described. So i can’t disable it conditionally. And other solutions are already in your knowledge i think, have a look here

    So to avoid chrome datepicker, people are avoiding type=”date” and using type=”text” instead. What are your thoughts?

    It would be rather disabling chrome datepicker conditionally.

    I just wanted to know, if it’s possible to overwrite chrome datepicker with wp-datepicker without changing the code .If not, then it’s ok – i just wanted to know.

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    According to stackoverflow, it’s not possible i think. We have to disable our datepciker instead.

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