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  • ZaacWilliam


    I need to perform some functions and hooks after the payments has been successfully made.

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  • open this file /rave-payment-forms/includes rave-base-class.php

    search for the function process_payment() which should be on line 128

    after this line $this->_add_post_meta( $payment_record_id, $post_meta );

    add a do_action so that you can hook it from your function.php file

    something like this: do_action(‘rave_payment_after_success’);

    if you need some information from rave-payment after a successful transaction, pass $txn into the do_action like this: do_action(‘rave_payment_after_success’, $txn);

    I don’t know what you need it for but here’s a tip to get data out of rave payment after a successful transaction

    in your function.php file like this.

    function rave_payment_after_success($txn){

    $full_name = $_POST[‘customer’][‘fullName’];
    $email = $_POST[‘customer’][’email’];
    $amount = $txn->data->amount;
    $customerid = $_POST[‘customer’][‘id’];
    // do anything you want with the data.

    // let say you want to do add or update something for that particular user

    // get the user id using the email.

    $userid = email_exists( $email);

    // hope it helps. Gracias

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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