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  • Plugin Author Marcel Brinkkemper


    If you don’t want to make filders to store your images, please try another Gallery plugin. Eazyest Gallery is built around images in folders and subfolders.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find any other plugin that pulls from your folders and the whole reason I stumbled upon this one is because they are all already uploaded.

    And the only reason I could use folders is if the root folder was an option, but it’s not 🙁

    Thanks for the reply though–I guess I’ll keep looking.

    @emi, simply you could create 1 subdirectory, put all your images in that one and share that one

    @klihelp Not an option. Images are randomly pulled from there for a random picture and all screenshots in every post as well. That would involve over 400 URL changes. And I would rather not upload every image twice either.

    Someone suggested having it so if the random picture was clicked, they could see all the screenshots so I was looking for something that would pull automatically over having to make a gallery of 400 pictures with a number getting bigger everyday.

    Have you tried Lazyest Gallery?

    Emi, how did you resolve this?

    I didn’t :/ I ended up giving up…

    Did you tested from the beginning with this plugin?
    – have an empty gallery than
    – add an Example folder
    – add images to the folder
    – use [eazyest_gallery folder=”Example”] shortcode in your page

    As I said, I already had the images in the folder that I wanted… I wanted to set it to show all the images from that folder. It’s a folder in a subdomain so there’s the root, the subdomain folder, and then the folder I wanted it to show the pictures from

    Thank you for adding the important part –

    First you want the plugin to index existing images from the hosting server directory into the WordPress database:
    – this directory can be set in the plugin settings page, but this need a main gallery folder.
    – Main gallery folder can have one or more subdirectories.
    – These subdirectories and their images and will be indexed into WordPress database as Gallery Folders and it’s attachments
    – Visit the main Eazyest Gallery admin page to see the list of indexed subdirectories
    – the Folder Gallery page url will look like this:
    – attachment image source like this:

    If your WordPress website is also on a subdomain, and the same subdomain as the image links, than it should work.

    – Subdomain Gallery links would be
    – attachment image source like this:

    Read the above steps carefully if you could do it, because there is no other option, like WordPress is not in subdomain, but images are in subdomain …

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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