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  • Mlord


    I got this question from a client of mine, asking me to change the localization settings on his WordPress-blog.
    I haven’t set up his blog myself so I feel like I’m tumbling a bit in the dark here. As far as I understand though, from reading some of the documentation, is that he must have downloaded the source files and placed them on a web-host somewhere (ie. the blog is Not instantiated and stored on wordpress servers?).

    I guess my question is if there is anyway, while logged into the CMS, to see where those files actually are located?

    I can then easier make inquires to find information I need about that host.

    Thanks. 🙂

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  • Roy


    There are files on your server, but all posts, settings, etc. are in the database. Taking it that you’re talking about a self-hosted blog and not a .com account.



    Yes, the files are on your client’s server somewhere. Its not remotely hosted like at least one CMS I can think of.

    By default, WP sits at the root of the domain but it doesn’t have to. You may need to edit wp-config.php in that directory. The basic WP file structure is pretty straightforward. The easiest thing to do would be download WordPress, unzip it and look around to figure that out. Your client may have added a theme to wp-content/themes and may have added a plugin or two to wp-content/plugins. If you are doing localization you’ll be in the wp-includes/languages directory but you rarely have any reason to mess with any other directories or their files.

    The actual content and lots of settings, as Gangleri noted, are all in the MySQL database– 10 tables out of the box and rarely a need to mess with them directly.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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