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    First as all Thanks for developing great plugin.

    Plugin is working well and i have a quesion about optimization.

    I am back-up all of my images in local Hdd, so i want to optimize original image.

    Please let me know how do i that.

    Thank you.

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  • Hello,

    As stated in its description, the plugin deliberately leaves the original image intact, so that any change that you make can be reversible.

    To optimize the originals, you would need to run the programs manually, from your command line, with something like that: find /path/to/images/ -type f -iname *.jpg -exec jpegoptim --max=90 --strip-all --all-progressive -p {} \; (adjust the parameters to your liking). Keep in mind that if you modify the originals, the process is irreversible, so make sure that you have a backup before attempting anything.

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