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    im so dissapointed of godaddy, their support and flexibility have a very bad quality, ill never get any more services from them again, i finally would like to know if there is anyway to install a multisite in a hosted domain, in any other place different than root. I have a windows unlimited hosting account. tks if ahyone could help

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  • I’m not on a dedicated server. Just a plain ol’ deluxe account. (which is not even a top o’ the line account)

    This wouldn’t work on an economy hosting account and I of course needed a dedicated IP, but other than that it’s a plain Jane account.

    Maybe it’s just because I’ve been a customer of theirs for so long 😉 lol

    I use GoDaddy’s unlimited/ultimate hosting account for the Windows OS. I have multiple domains hosted under this plan. For each domain I created a subdirectory with the name of the domain and pointed (aliased) the domain to the similarly named subdirectory (i.e., “” is aliased to “\domain1com”, “” is aliased to “\domain2net”, etc.).

    I performed an Application Install of WordPress for each domain. NOTE: the install script will only allow the selection of the hosting account’s Primary domain. This is OK, this will be corrected in a later step. For the installation directory I specified the desired domain name subdirectory followed by “\wordpress” (i.e., “” is installed in “\domain1com\wordpress”, “” is installed in “\domain2net\wordpress”, etc.).

    If your primary domain is a functional (i.e., registered NOTE: mine is not) you should be able to navigate to “”, go to the Settings – General page, and modify the two links changing “” to “” and repeat for each install. If the primary domain is not functional, you can use the database manager to oprn the various databases and change the entries. Unless you do this step, NONE of the links generated by WordPress will work.

    If you have to modify the database directly, perform the following: After I am finished with the installs, I examine the installation details to determine the databasename created for each installation. I use the database manager to open each database and browse “wp_options”. You will find two entries which contain the directories WordPress will use when building links to access objects within the installation. By default, the hosting account’s Primary domain is specified at the beginning of the link, followed by the installation directory path specified during the install (e.g., “”. I modifed the entries to have the “correct” domains (e.g., “” NOTE: the matching subdirectory name is not needed since the corrected domain is already aliased to it.). Logout of the database. Repeat these two modifications for each domain’s database.

    Now, I can successfully navigate to “”, WordPress runs, and ALL links are functional. I have not encountered any other problems with GoDaddy’s WordPress installation to-date. If there are any problems I can “expect” to find, I would appreciate anyone giving me a heads-up.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I performed an Application Install of WordPress for each domain.

    And this thread (indeed this whole section of the forum) is about using the built-in multisite feature. One install. One db.

    Sorry Andrea_r, I misunderstood what was actually meant by multisite. I did not intend to offend anyone.

    GoDaddy tech support just told me that nothing could be done, quite unlike many other tech support persons there. Encouraged by Trevor@Godaddy and Shifra, above, I will give them another chance to help me. I have Linux, trying to install WP 3.01 multisite. I have previously installed WP MU 2.92 with GoDaddy and thought 3.0 would come more easily.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    If you want to use wildcard subdomains at GoDaddy, they require you to get a dedicated IP.

    Thanks Andrea. I called back and did just that. Expect and hope to be up in 72 hours.

    This may sound a bit dense, but can someone briefly explain the difference between ‘multisite’ and what cfulgham is described in his post? I’m not new to hosting and website development in general, but that seemed confusing to me.

    I think I’m trying to do what you’ve described.
    I have multiple .com domains registered at godaddy and I’m currently in the process of getting them setup. I’m trying to get my wordpress 3.0.1 .com domain setup in a subdirectory of my main Windows host but using its own .com domain. The godaddy controls do not let me setup the domain in the subdirectory, so I am wondering if your method is what I need.

    I have a standard ‘deluxe’ hosting package, no static IP currently.

    Does this mean I’m doing ‘multisite’?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress


    Multisite is a *feature* within WordPress to handle multiple blogs (sites) within ONE installation. they are virtual./ You do not set up folders on the server for them. You do not install WordPress multiple times.

    Are you familiar with This is what the multisite feature does – gives you a setup like that, but your own to manage.

    Multiple installations of WordPress is not multisite.



    I’m glad (or sorry) to see I’m not the only one having problems with this. I have a deluxe windows hosting account with godaddy and am trying to install wordpress to a directory within my account (not the root) and enable multiple sites to work off of one wordpress install. but it’s not working :(. Help said I had to put a web.config file in the wordpress install directory but when I put it there, the site totally stopped working. The domain that correlates to the wordpress install directory is
    Anybody have any insight into any of this????

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