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    im so dissapointed of godaddy, their support and flexibility have a very bad quality, ill never get any more services from them again, i finally would like to know if there is anyway to install a multisite in a hosted domain, in any other place different than root. I have a windows unlimited hosting account. tks if ahyone could help

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  • Not if you want to use subdomains, no.

    No, i quit trying to use subdomains, i just want to install it at anyplace different than root.

    Should be okay, but I gotta tell ya, multisite on a windows server is a wee bit trickier. adding godaddy is… well, I’m sure they are nice people. 😀

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    I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment. I hope we are able to help resolve that.

    Currently, there should not be any reason why this could not work on our shared hosting accounts. You can install multisite into a directory other than the root by installing WordPress 3.0 to your specified directory, then enabling the multisite feature.

    If you’re running into errors, let us know some details as we would love to look into this further.


    yes, i hope so, if someday any person could intall a multisite in a windows godaddy server, please share knowledge…

    is there a specific reason to stay on a windows server – other than godaddy just sets everyone up that way by default?

    you can switch to a linux server for free in the hosting control panel

    hey trevor tks for your support, this the answer that i get from godaddy support:
    “Unfortunately we are unable to support third party application issues and we do not support the inner functionality of this program. However, WordPress Multisite does require url_rewrite which relies heavily upon mod_rewrite. This functionality may not be fully supported with IIS. At this time, you may wish to switch the operating sytem for your hosting plan from Windows to Linux to better support WordPress Multisite.”

    I have other applications that only work with windows so i cant do this.

    I installed wordpress in the my unlimited windows hosting account:, and i want to install the multisite as a section of that is hosted in the same hosting account; I want to intall the multisite for a “news” section of this site, not in root. The normal install is succesful, i access my dashboard normally, then i modified the wp-config to allow the multisite install, after that i choose tools/network/install, filled the blanks,
    clicked install and then i get the instructions to:
    – create a blogs dir
    – enable writing in my folder
    – some code to modify my wp-config
    – some code to create a web.config file
    – log in again

    i have done this so many times in many different ways, but when i try to log in, i get always a 500 internal server error. I hope u can tell me whats missing in the procedure, or if definitely is not possible to do what im looking for.tks

    quote “However, WordPress Multisite does require url_rewrite which relies heavily upon mod_rewrite. This functionality may not be fully supported with IIS.” unquote

    basically GD are saying you cant do it on (their) windows servers

    ok ok, i give up, i swith to linux

    I run my WP 3.0 multisite website (with BP too!) on GoDaddy with a deluxe shared hosting account on a windows server. I’ve had no problems at all, ever.

    I’ve had no problems at all, ever.

    wow that’s incredible considering even godaddy concedes it doesn’t work well

    I think whomever emailed him was uninformed. I’ve found several people there aren’t trained to say, “I don’t know, let me find someone who does” instead of just pulling answers out of the sky. When I’m not happy with an answer, I ask to talk to someone else.

    I’ve been a customer there 8+ years and host all my dozen domains with them, with no problems at all.

    wow shifra! i couldnt make it work
    tks samuel i tought i had to pay for the switch to linux
    24 hrs later i have my multisite workin! 🙂
    So happy!
    and since my subdomain!, (another lie from godaddy says that u couldnt)

    yea you will be happier with the linux box for almost any software you want to run

    are you on a dedicated server? Because I have done 100’s of installs at godaddy and the windows installs on shared servers never work out of the box – you have to configure , work around, trick the server…

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