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  • Hi YourOwnProgrammer,

    Thanks for helping me in loss of templates matter. But that archive part is still not solved. I re-install the plugin but still same thing happen(click on the next link it forward me to same page).

    Ok what i did in options section, i set Archive Polls Per Page to 3.
    I create 4 polls with following Archive options:

    View Poll Archive Link :Yes(same for all polls)
    View Poll Archive Link Label:View Poll Archive(same for all polls)
    Poll Archive Url: for all polls)
    Show Poll In Archive : Yes (same for all polls)
    Archive Order:4(1,2,3 for first three polls)

    After creating the last poll the page show “1 2 Next” label but clicking on 2 or Next redirect me to same page where only first 3 polls are present.

    Is there any possibilities that selected theme causing this issue. I am using Theme Estate.

    See if you find any mistake in what i am doing.

    Thanks and Regards

    Hi YourOwnProgrammer,

    In the file public-admin.php

    public function yop_poll_archive_shortcode_function() {
    $template = ”;
    $yop_poll_page = 1;
    $big = 99999;
    if ( isset( $_REQUEST[‘yop_poll_page’] ) )
    $yop_poll_page = $_REQUEST[‘yop_poll_page’];

    after this code i add “echo $yop_poll_page”. Now when i click on link “2” it shows 1 as output. So after that i add echo”Hi” in if statement to see whether $_REQUEST[‘yop_poll_page’] is getting any value or not and when i refresh the page or navigate between pages there is no “Hi”.

    So that means “isset( $_REQUEST[‘yop_poll_page’]” is false every time. Thats why $yop_poll_page is getting 1 each time. No matter which link i click.

    Now can you help me in this matter? Do you have any idea?
    If you do not have any idea then atleast reply that you can’t help me with this, so that i can look for some other options.

    Thanks and Regards


    Hi YourOwnProgrammer,

    Your code works fine all i do is replace ‘format’ => ‘?yop_poll_page=%#%’ with ‘format’ => ‘&yop_poll_page=%#%’

    in the file public-admin.php in function
    public function yop_poll_archive_shortcode_function().

    Your plugin is great. It solves all my problems. Thanks fro your help and support.

    Thanks and Regards

Viewing 3 replies - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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