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  • Resolved Norman Cates


    When I’m looking at various speed metrics, such as




    All my meteorite sites show as being really quite slow.

    I usually use Hummingbird for this. As well as various Google tools.

    I have tried various options in Hummingbird to defer Javascript and even CSS. But when I try to move the Meteorite JS or CSS, it usually breaks Meteorite completely.

    With any of the Meteorite themed sites, they are always very slow in this way. And the complaint from the plugins is about render blocking resources.

    Is there any way to improve the Meteorite theme so that at least this theme is a as slick and fast as possible?


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  • Theme Author terrathemes


    Hi Norman,

    thank you for getting in touch. I know that loading speed matters and definetly there is much to improve in Meteorite. However, I currently don’t have much time to get deep into it. I’m planning to take a look at next thursday.

    Beyond that, I’m afraid I can’t help you much since you already tried many things like various caching and code optimization plugins. Have you tried lazy loading?

    Theme Author terrathemes


    Hi Norman,

    I have spent the last time working on a solution for the loading issues. So far I have not find the exact cause of the rendering blocking resources.

    However I have managed to get it optimized with Autoptimize.
    The settings I have chosen:

    • JS, CSS & HTML
    • Optimize JavaScript Code
    • Aggregate JS-files
    • Optimize CSS Code
    • Aggregate CSS-files
    • Optimize HTML Code
    • Save aggregated script/css as static files
    • Minify excluded CSS and JS files
    • Images
    • Lazy-load images
    • Extra
    • Remove Google Fonts (can be done in Customizer too)
    • Remove emojis
    • Remove query strings from static resources

    With these settings activated I get rid of all blocking issues (except of one: font awesome file). Furthermore it did not brake any pages.

    Can you try these settings? I greatly appreciate all feedback on that.

    Theme Author terrathemes



    I’ve done more research about this topic. The rendering blocking may come from the browser settings. MDN wrote in an article, that the browser imposes a limit on the number of simultaneous connections that can be made to a single server. In Firefox it defaults to 6. Everything else gets blocked.
    There are methods to increase that limit, however this is not practical since they have to be done in the browser config.

    I know that the blocking resources may take longer on Meteorite than on other themes. However, this could also be due to server limits.

    As I wrote in my last reply, lazy load is the thing you may want to do. This reduces the amount of connections (and so the amount of blocked resources, if everything gets loaded at the same time).

    Nonetheless I am planning an update on Meteorite. I will combine some files, rethink about some customization logics in the files and optimize the theme a bit more. This may not get rid of the blocking, but will improve the theme in general.

    Have you had the time to test the Autoptimize plugin and/or lazyloading yet?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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