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  • I’ve randomly tried a dozen social button/counter plugins and they are all broken in one way or another. Clearly, I need a referral from someone who has found a great social plugin.

    The buttons need to appear in a row under the content, not floating, and not anywhere on the home page. All I need are three buttons, but if more are available, that’s fine.

    Twitter: When clicked it will submit the title of the post (but not the title of the website) followed by the URL and “via @vegasnews”. The button should show the number of Tweets of that page. Curly quotes and stuff should be escaped properly so they don’t appear as garbage characters.

    Facebook: This button should indicate the number of shares, and when clicked should use the option that lets you select the image from several in the post and also give you the option to share to a profile or a fan page. No captcha prompt every time, please.

    Google+: Should stay blue when you click it and display the total count.

    That’s it! Who has a great plugin that really works well? If you can post a link to your site so I can see what it looks like, that would be a big bonus. Thanks!

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    Jetpack can do Facebook and Twitter (and others).

    Google+ seems to be it’s own plugin right now.

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