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  • Hi, community
    I am looking for an email service and would like to know whether there is a plugin that offers the described possibilities or I have to code it myself. My idea goes like this:
    A new visitor comes to the website., on the website, there is an offer: If the visitor subscribes to a certain plan he receives 10 emails during a period of 10 days. All of them are premade and not individualized. Each day at the same hour a new email is sent, After day 10 the service is stopped.

    My question is, if I can do that with one of the common (newsletter) plugins, or if I have to program that with a cronjob. If it is possible with a plugin, please tell me which one might do the job. If I need a cronjob, maybe you have a link where it is described, how to do it.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • It is best to leave email handling to the experts that are set up for it, external mailing providers. They handle opt-ins, spam compliance, bounces, analytics, drip campaigns, multiple lists, etc. And web servers are not set up to handle mail the way mail servers are set up. They often have limitations on sending emails.

    The cron in WP is not a real cron. It only triggers if a visit is made to the site, so timing can be off according to your traffic.

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    Hi Joy,
    thanks for the answer. For me, the main question is how to organize the mailing of these 10 emails. That I would like to discuss here. Let’s say, these 10 emails are stored “somewhere”. Once the user signs up a process is started: He receives immediately a welcome mail. “Thank you for subscribing to the service…”. 24h later he receives the first email with detailed information. 48 hours later the next email is sent. 72h later be next one is sent. The emails are not individualized.

    So where should I store these mails is the first question. And the next question is: Which kind of cronjob can be used for sending these emails.

    The easy way might be to use a premade plugin that I just have to configure. (If so: Which one I could use?) But if that is not possible “out of the box”, I can also write some code. But in that case, a tutorial with some coding examples might be useful. Maybe somebody has a link.

    I tried Google with search phrases such as “Email postponed” but that showed no result. So maybe a good search-phrase would be enough.

    You would store the emails at the mailing service provider. And they would send them according to your schedule. No coding needed; they are already set up to handle all that. (and the first email should arrive as soon as you sign up, not a day later)
    My stance is that you shouldn’t use a plugin for this or put the burden of email handling onto a web server. Sign up with the mail service companies that handle all that stuff. The worst thing is to have your web server blocked because of sending emails. This happens a lot, because of block lists and hijacking due to spammers.

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    …You would store the emails at the mailing service provider. And they would send them according to your schedule…

    OK. So who might be such a mailing service provider? I send emails just within my hosting plan that covers domains, webspace, databases and several email addresses. Should I ask my hoster?

    Sorry. Obviously, I am not an expert on email. đŸ˜‰

    There are a lot of them. Some common ones are Aweber, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, GetResponse.

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