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    I would like to download WP to my PC to get a feel for it before paying for a host plan somewhere. I did a search on moving WP to a host and saw plenty of posts but they were mostly dealing with moving from one host to another; I’m just curious whether or not I should even bother downloading it to my PC since, although I won’t be hosting it from my PC , I may be able to setup my page layout etc. and of course I would want to be able to transfer that later. Or, should I just play with it and go with a one-click install host when I’m ready to set everything up, assuming that it won’t take much to do it all over again later? TIA. FYI, I wish this forum window was wider, lots of wasted screen space IMO.

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  • It seems like you want to give WP a “trial run” locally before running it on a website? If so, perhaps you might be interested in using Xampp. It sort of turns your computer into a server so you can play with WP locally.

    Try this link:

    exactly, I’ll check it out, thx

    Do you know if I will be able to import anything from that if I want to keep it or should I not go to crazy with Xampp?

    I knew there was a shorter version to saying all that lol

    I upload direct from folders I’m tweaking on my local XAMPP wp install to a wp install on any webserver – all the time. I develop locally, not only for wp but for my whole site design/management business.

    The single biggest problem you can run into is if you’re wanting to upload the database from your local install to a webserver one. Sometimes the “collation” doesn’t match what’s on the webserver. There are ways to tweak this though.

    I just saw this IRT the Lite version: “XAMPP Lite is an only “Take-Run-Delete-Forget-it” package.” but it does not state this for the regular version so that falls right inline with what you just posted. “There are ways to tweak this though.”… now you’ve tweaked my interest, but I guess one step at a time. Very informative post, thanks again.

    Well, post back if you get stuck, or when you want more info….

    Xampp Lite is fine. I use Lite because I don’t see the point of all the extra stuff in the full version that will sit there gathering digital dust 🙂

    was searching for “phpMyAdmin running on localhost” posts but haven’t found what I’m looking for yet and then I remembered this thread… I guess I assumed the Lite wouldn’t xfer everything so I just went with the Full, oh well, no biggie… real reason I’m back in here though:

    I have set up the various admin stuff, including the phpMyAdmin, but when attempting to login to it under TOOLS, I haven’t been able to get in. I am 99% sure I used 1 of 2 different variations for my id/pw, but no luck. I took the default locations for everything and haven’t rebooted, does this matter? TIA

    Thank God for the screenprint under “A Matter of Security” on, found “root” as the superuser name and that got me into phpMyAdmin, 3 hrs of fun lol.

    Ouch. Sorry – I’ve been off for a while, could have made that a WHOLE lot easier for you!

    As long as no one’s going to access your local machine FROM the ‘net, you’re safe to use the “superuser” access. I always make other users with pws, and pw root as well – but that’s because I’m a tad bit paranoid….

    makes total sense, it’s just that I forgot all about that ID

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