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  • No luck on my searching so far, so: is there no way to set the post format (e.g. aside, gallery, etc.) on posts in a .wxr import file? I don’t see any such element in some test exports I’ve run, which seems weird to me. Am I missing something? Were someone moving from one WordPress install to another, for example, would they really lose all their post formats data? Thanks.

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  • It is not an “element”. Post format is a private taxonomy.
    The post formats are in the export and are imported. (It works on the theme unit test data.)
    But not every theme supports post formats, and only the supported ones are shown in the admin. (that’s the private part of it) The theme must call add_theme_support() for post formats with the list of supported formats.

    Element in terms of being an .xml document element is what I was referring to.

    But anyway I found my answer: it was there, just not under something like wp:post_format which was what seemed logical to me at the time; it was in there as a category element with domain="post_format" and nicename="post-format-aside".

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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