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  • Certainly, you already know alot about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).
    Deadline for whole EU is 25-may-2018.
    All newsletter-senders have to fullfill all requirements, e.g. the protocol/documentation of the opt-in-consent.
    Can ALO Easymail fulfill this? Secure information of the opt-in from each subscriper? Exact timestamp, IP, used opt-in-process, or something similar?

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  • Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi nyks-barton, I’m reading about the GDPR and following the community discussions. I’m waiting for definitive community guidelines.
    I don’t know exactly the list of requirements, but in next weeks if necessary I’ll update plugin to fullfill requirements.

    Hi ebentualo,

    thanks for your reply.

    The GDPR itself is final, the transition time to establish this ends at may 2018.

    To demonstrate consent of our subscriber, we *must* have a transparent proof of the approval the subscriber gave us.
    For double-opt-in, this means: Who consented, when consented, what consented.
    * Who: IP-adress the subscriper used while using the approval-link in confirmation-mail
    * When: Timestamp (date, time)
    * What: specific purpose for which the consent was given (e.g. the “terms” while consenting).

    Storing the “privacy policy/terms/purprose” maybe can be done by webmasters themself, but “who and when” has to be stored by the newsletter-plugin.

    It would be nice to hear about your opinion 🙂

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, i’m not a native english speaker.

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    I second that. The least thing we have to get into this is a checkbox in the signup forms, that the subscriber has read and agrees to the Privacy Policy. Perhaps with a setting to select the appropriate page.

    Would be a pitty to drop this nice easy to use plugin because of GDPR issues.

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    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi @sixtyseven @nyks-barton, at the moment in plugin option page you can already set your privacy policy disclaimer under the widget/page form: Newsletters > Settings > tab Texts > Policy claim. You can write a disclaimer with a link to your privacy page.

    The next WP release (4.9.6) includes a new tool to create a Privacy Page. So I think to include in next plugin release a default text for the “Policy claim” setting that has as default a simple link to “Privacy Policy” (of course every admin can customize it). I think the checkbox is not necessary (I can see that the registration form in WP 4.9.6 shows only a link, not a checkbox).

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    GDPR says that you need to get explicit permission to store personal data. For example, in all my Contact Form 7 forms I put an acceptance checkbox. This disables the send button, until the visitor cheks the box. This is recommended to prove the permission.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Thanks sixtyseven, I’ll keep it in mind. I’m releasing a new plugin version in few days to be compliant.

    Additional, it is required, to store a proven, printable information about the consent.

    E.g. a timestamp with ip-adress, of the registration and the click on the double-opt-in-link.

    Beside that: With GDPR it is forbidden to have a required “name”-field (or other personal data), when subscribing to newsletters.
    Of course, you can ask for other data than emailadress, but you are not allowed to set them “required”.

    Just updated today. Didnt find an approval link shortcode like [approval] to input in a newsletter.
    An approval link is needed, so as to send a new email and record which recipients pressed the approval button, to continue and receive the newsletters..

    Plugin Author eventualo


    If I understand well, a “re-consent” message to your subscribers is not mandatory for every blog. It depends how you collected personal data in past.
    BTW, I hope to develop this feature and release the updated plugin in a couple of days…

    I really would appreciate that feature!

    The easiest way would be to have a batch option to resend the opt-in mail to the selected subscribers.

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi slowhandasg, I’m thinking about a batch option to resend the opt-in email, but this message is in plain text, has a standard content, without newsletter theme.
    I think the “re-consent” message should be like a newsletter, with custom html content.

    Hi eventualo,

    A html mail would be fantastic. The question is how complicated that feature would be?

    My idea was to get a quick solution…


    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi, I’ve just released the v.2.9.11, that includes the new “Re-permission campaign” feature:
    Please let us know your feedbacks.

    This looks really promising, but there seems to be a parsing problem with the parameters. Following you example I get the following code in the preview:

    <p><a href="" style="“font-weight:">“I</a></p>

    Plugin Author eventualo


    Hi slowhandasg, thanks for the report. I’ll investigate about it.

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