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  • The OpenID v.3.3.2 plugin (appears to be newest version at time of this writing) appears to have broken in the upgrade to WP 3.0.1. I have not been able to find an OpenID server/provider plugin compatible with this 3.0.1. Does anyone know of one?

    Thank you.

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  • I have a similar question. I am trying to find a plug-in that works similar to the TypePad plugin found at this blog:

    In my search, every plug-in I found with similar functions is not compatible with 3.0.1.

    Doesn’t work for me either… i have disabled the plugin 🙁

    Mohan –

    I’m having trouble updating the WordPress plugin repository, but try this v3.3.3 release from github:

    Tried v3.3.3, still get an OpenID error when trying to post a comment on


    correct, 3.3.3 doesn’t fix problems with blogger.

    Any idea on when that fix will be available?

    Hi Will.

    So you are saying that 3.3.3 works for other sites, just not Blogger?
    If so, is there a plan for Blogger support again? An ETA? I find it funny that just ‘blogger’ doesn’t work. OpenID is a standard, is Google special in some way?


    the fact that it seems to work fine with most all other sites certainly seems to indicate that it may be a problem with Blogger’s OpenID implementation. I can’t say for sure until I have time to dig into the problem. I’ll try and make some time this week.

    OpenID 3.3.3 appears now to be published; “upgrade automatically” worked for me in WP 3.0.1. I have not yet tested with Blogger.

    I have never been able to get OpenID to work with Blogger. I’m on Yahoo hosting, trying to comment on Blogger blogs with my blog URL and it has never, ever worked.

    However, the problem of the new WordPress version killing the old OpenID plugin may be related to whatever PHP version your webhost happens to be running.

    It looks like (to me anyway) the new WordPress was designed to work on PHP 5 but the old OpenID plugin was designed for PHP 4. If you can get your webhost to run PHP 5 instead of PHP 4, then update your OpenID to 3.3.3, then everything should at least look like it runs happily.



    Blogger has always failed for me. seems to be another problem site.



    Many months back, OpenID stopped working for me on Blogger, giving the unhelpful message “OpenID error”. I’ve got the OpenID plugin (v3.3.3) and XRDS-Simple plugin (v1.0) from DiSo. However, today I disabled the XRDS-Simple plugin and now OpenID is being recognised on Blogger again. Other sites seem to continue to accept my WordPress site as an OpenID Provider so it seems to have completely solved the problem.

    Thanks Mr Scott, I can confirm that this solution also did the trick for me. Sites had been complaining vaguely about OpenID errors, one gave the following more detailed info (edited):

    The OpenID Provider issued an assertion for an Identifier whose discovery information did not match. Assertion endpoint info:
    OpenID version: 2.0
    Service Type URIs: Discovered endpoint info: []

    Turning off the XRDS-Simple plugin gave me a functioning OpenID service again, at least it seems now to function.

    Disabling XRDS-simple gave intermittent success for me doing “preview” comments at a blogger blog, but when it came to publish, it didn’t show up, and now I get mostly not working to intermittently working previews.

    Meanwhile at least one openID provider test site I tried worked without any complaint.

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