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  • I was just reading the Codex article on Dynamic Menu Highlighting and to get it to work for my site I had to do something like this:
    if ( is_page(‘2’) || is_page(‘6’) || is_page(‘8’) || is_page(‘9′) || is_page(’11’) || is_category(‘3’) )…
    All those pages are linked to the one template. It would’ve been much easier if I could’ve done something like:
    if ( is_template(‘such&such’)) ….
    Does such a tag exist for WP or does anyone know of a way to accomplish what I want to do a bit more simply than I’ve done so far?

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  • I was searching for this same question and was wondering if anyone had overlooked this and it is possible? Can anyone comment on this ? thanks!

    anybody know an answer to this ? or if it can be done? or if possible can a plugin be written ?

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