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  • I have copied text I need to paste on a page on my site but my problem is that the text goes to the next line
    like this and doesn’t extend the full
    width of the page like it should.

    Is there a way to paste the text so that it will go across the whole page like it would if I typed it out normally?

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  • Where are you copying this text from?

    another website and then pasting the text directly into the wordpress page

    Do you have permission to use this text from another site?

    Yes, are you the internet police?

    This is a format question. I have written consent to post the article on my blog.

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    We respect copyright laws here, that is all.

    are you the internet police?

    Good luck with your site. 🙂

    Yes and as a professional web developer I do too.

    I asked a question about text format.

    So due to the fact that Esmi didn’t like my response to her unrelated concern, now I receive no help?

    Way to help out the community. I started another thread because this has 8 replies and will not receive any new ones and she closed that so how about we just delete this thread so I can repost and receive some help.

    I know i sound like a complete ass but is it really anyone’s business where I am pulling the content from. This is a question about formatting copied text.

    I will state that I am a professional web developer and always respect the law.



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    Generally text is formatted using CSS. No way to know why your text is problematic.

    What happens when you try to remove those line breaks manually? Can you give us the url to take a look? The text you copied may have some kind of code remnant in it that you’re not seeing.

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    Front-end developer

    now I receive no help?

    You don’t receive help on a “now” basis here, regardless of how nice you are. You can find that level of support on services from Code Poet, whereas forums are ran by volunteers who can only spend their free time here.

    I want to apologize to esmi. Im here for help and shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds.


    I can remove them manually but it is a large article and would be tedious. Ill go back and look at the code and see if there is anything that would be creating those breaks.

    I thought that perhaps pasting the text into word while selecting an un-formatted paste would do the trick but no luck.



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    Word is really not a good idea as it has formatting that is incompatible with websites – have you tried that using a plain text editor?

    Try using TextWrangler if you’re on a mac. You can paste in your text and then ‘view invisibles’ and see if there are actual hard returns in the text. You can then do a find/replace using special characters to replace the line breaks with plain spaces.

    Special Characters

    You can use the following special characters to search for line breaks and other non-printing characters, as well as hexadecimal escapes to search for any desired 8-bit character.

    Character Matches
    \r line break (carriage return)

    (from TextWrangler Help)

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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