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    I want to find the source of clicks to my website based on where I put my links. So I thought I could add a query string. E.g., Then if I placed a Reddit ad #1 and added /?reddit001 to the URL in the ad, I could see that I get the click due to that ad. I could do the same for facebook ads. I would like to see a database with at least these columns:
    IP address
    Query string
    Click Count for the source IP address and Query string.

    So if I see (“”, “reddit001”, 2) in the table, I would know that the person at IP address clicked twice on an Reddit ad for which I supplied the URL

    I did not find anything in the WP Add Plugin page. I prefer an existing plugin, but if needed I could add some PHP code.

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  • IP addresses are personally identifiable information. Do you need the data to be so specific or is this for tracking marketing performance? If it’s the latter, just use Google Analytics.

    Google Analytics simply would not work for me. That was actually fortunate since as a result I looked around more and found a really great WP plugin, Slimstat, that does what I wanted plus a lot more. It is MUCH faster than the GA site and updates are instant because it looks at your own access logs. In Settings/Filters turn on Ignore Bots since that is not the default.


    Slimstat support team here. Thank you for your kind words and for recommending our software! That’s the best reward we can get from our users!


    Glad to recommend Slimstat, Jason. It was a real pleasure to find something that provides a lot of useful statistics in addition to what I wanted. Slimstat is really superior to Google Analytics. Much, much faster, plus it actually works.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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