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  • I’m trying to publish a post that is 5,000+ words, but when I go to preview and/or publish, the post page is completely blank. When I trim the word count below 3,100, it works. Why is this happening?

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  • I have a post with 6,553 words on the site I administer-

    Do you have an excerpt for this 5,000+ word post? I recently edited this post and had trouble saving it just like you. I have a plugin that shows links in excerpts, and I had to change the link in the excerpt. When I tried to change the link and resave, it blanked out on me, too. What I did was cut and pasted the contents of the post to a notepad file and left the post blank, and changed just the excerpt and saved that. Once the post (now blank) was resaved with a new excerpt, I then posted the contents of the post back in and resaved it and it worked.

    Not sure if that will work for you, but I hope it does!

    I am facing the same problem as every post are way far over 10.000

    Same deal here, but I’ve isolated it to the exact word count at which things are good. I have one page that should be 16000+ words (a bibliography), but anything over 15124 words causes the page to load with no content.




    if there were a limit I dont think it would be a ‘word” limit but a character limit. spaces are characters too.

    out of curiosity, alfalfa31, do you know how many chars?



    I have this same exact problem. I have checked with my hosting provider and they say it is nothing to do on their side, and they did extensive testing. Apache did not return any errors,etc. I thought perhaps something was timing out b/c of the long upload time.

    My page’s word count is 13,978. I have never had this problem on pages that contained much less content which tells me it is probably isolated to the legnth.

    Can someone please share some advice as to what is causing this? Seems to be a script problem in WP.

    Anyone found the solution to this problem?
    I’ve tried everything; I even upgraded my webhosting to VPS and see if it was the server overload. But it didn’t solve it either. (Well I needed a server upgrade anyways)

    I think this could be a DB and/or the WordPress bug.

    Does your post use photo captions? I tried removing [caption] and [/caption] from a 2600-word post that wasn’t displaying like yours also wasn’t, and all was fine: it appeared properly when I removed the [caption] content.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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