Is there a way to view my website as if I weren't logged in to wp-admin? (1 post)

  1. needforname
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Is there a way to be logged into my wp-admin, but view my website as if I were logged out? The reason I want to be able to do this is because sometimes when I'm making visual (css) edits to my site, those "edit" options appear throughout the site pages. These edits features effect the spacing where ever they appear, making it difficult to perform css spacing changes to items on my site.

    In simple terms, I simply want to be able to view my site pages without the "edits" throughout when I'm logged in. I'm surprised there is no option to turn this off (at least I can't seem to find one). The only option I see is to turn off the edit toolbar at the top of the actual site.

    Currently, the only workaround is for me to keep logging out and logging back in; a big waste of time. Thanks for any help with this.

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