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  • Maybe there is a way to embed Livefyre comments by shortcode only? (Because some of my site uses one theme and the rest uses another, I could easily do both.)

    Searching for the same here…

    Hey do you mind sharing with me your rating system plugin?

    I have been looking for a good one that doesn’t seem to be out yet. I need one that allows me to input my own multiple topics and have users rate each topic all within the same post… then I need the same for other posts but the topics may very.

    Something like the GD star rating plugin, but it has valid bad reviews and lack of support it seems.

    I use WP Review Site.. once it’s set up I haven’t had any issues with it… and I think there’s a way to include multiple ratings per post.

    Still haven’t figured out how to disable Livefyre (or Disqus) on a particular category though…

    Hey, stokast!! Really appreciate that WP REview Site referral! Best & closest to my need so far… thanks!

    Have you tried this for disabling comments @ I used it before to disable comment site wide which worked well, and it says it can disable for post types, but I never tried that feature.

    If you can manage disabling comments on an individual page… wordpress allows you to do that through the “quick edit” of a post… I haven’t found where I can enable/disable comments anywhere else in the admin though.

    Outside of that this plugin @ I use to create a template style for a post type I am using, then when I am ready to create a similar post I duplicate (new draft/clone) the previous one and just replace the contents as needed. It copies all of the settings, etc. of the post/page it duplicates. So in short if I have a category of posts that aren’t using comments, I create that template for it, then duplicate when making a similiar post and the comments disable feature is already implemented.

    But neither of those 2 ideas allows you to use livefyre and wordpress comments, because as far as I know livefyre replaces the default wordpress commenting system.

    I was hoping to find a way to use livefyre through shortcode so I can display the comments where I want them to be, that’s what I am looking for, which is a different from your request. I must of clicked on the wrong post, read and then started typing. Sorry about that, hope something I gave you helps! And no insult to your wp experience, I’m still a very new… Let me now. Thanks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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