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    I know it pretty weird for a book but :

    Is there a way to show a single page at the time ? (as for the cover but for all the pages)

    Like :

    page 1 (cover) > page 2 > page 3 > page 4 > page 5 > and more

    rather than

    page 1 (cover) > page 2-3 > page 4-5 > and more

    Thanks !

    I am really interested in the plugin and am really thinking about buying the pro version! 🙂

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  • Plugin Author deip


    1. set the page mode setting to single page mode.
    2. And set single mode setting to booklet.


    Thank you very much for your quick response !

    Excuse me, I take this opportunity for a new one : you know DFlip generates three types of shortcode, Normal, Thumbnail and Button.

    In the case of Thumbnail, is there a way to change the size of the displayed thumbnail ? (which must be opened to read the PDF on the website)


    Plugin Author deip


    Yes you can,
    You can find details in documentation.

    For best result we recommend using image-type thumbs that don’t stretch and are available in global settings in pro version.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Please another one:

    My PDFs are comics, I want the plugin to only show one page at a time most of the time.

    But sometimes I draw double-page spreads, and unfortunately the plugin keeps showing them to me in “one-page view” too.

    Is there a way that the plugin automatically detects when it is necessary to be in “one page view” and in “double page view”?

    Example: in my PDF pages 1 to 10 are single pages, 11-12 are a double page, the following are single pages.

    Can the plugin detect the type of page and change the display on its own?

    Thank you !

    Plugin Author deip



    Our plugin(flipbook) is not optimized for such scenarios. A flipbook cannot offer such behavior (multiple orientations), a horizontal/vertical slider/viewer can.
    You want a layout that Android manga readers provide.

    We have plans of adding horizontal and vertical PDF reader into DearFlip and is under development, but that is far down the line.


    I thank you deeply 🙂

    Hi, excuse me again, I used this code to make my thumbnails larger :


    Do you know one that would allow me to center it horizontally on the post? Thank you !

    Plugin Author deip



    Just set the container text-align setting to center. The container is where you have added the shortcode.

    Which page builder are you using?

    Hi, I’m not using a page builder for this, only the “additional CSS” editor of my theme !

    + About this “Android manga readers” thing, sorry to ask but do you know if a wordpress plugin can do the same thing ?

    I’m using yours but two things are very bothering for me :
    – management of double-page is very tedious ;
    – to read gifs “2D mode” must be used, but it also add a shade effect between the two pages (book internal biding) that I really dont like

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    Plugin Author deip



    – Centering depends on the layout. It doesn’t come from the flipbook since it’s inline.
    You can use WordPress editor’s text-align center on the whole paragraph, or if you are using the Gutenberg editor, use column and center that column.

    – I am not sure if there is a WordPress plugin to display manga books. But I have seen sites that display the mangas.

    – You can remove the shadow with custom CSS:

    Thanks again for your help, you are really helpful and your plugin is which comes closest to what I need, you allowed me to get the most out of this great plugin.

    Please answer these two last question before I buy the pro version :

    1) Is there a way to completely remove the page-turning animation?

    2) is there a way to force fullscreen mode, so that the reader only has to click on the book to start reading? (instead of clicking on the book, click on fullscreen, then start reading)

    Thank you so much.

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    Plugin Author deip


    You can try these solutions:

    1) Set duration to small value 10, users won’t notice the flip 😉
    2) We don’t recommend direct fullscreen. But you could use custom js to trigger such.

    P.S. When you have time and find this plugin is worthy, feel free to leave a review and help the plugin reach more users.

    Unbelievable, what dedication.

    Thank you for everything.

    Be sure that I will leave you a nice review.

    Goodbye until next time, in Premium support.

    Take care.

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