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    I’m looking for a registration plugin that not only has a registration form but also has a “notify me” type button where people can enter their email address to be notified when the workshop is open for registration. It would behave like the woocommerce “notify me” plugins. A “notify me” type option appears when product is out of stock and when it’s back in stock people who subscribed get an email notification that it’s available again.

    I have workshops that are only available once a year. I have a perpetual page that has information about the workshop when the workshop is closed for registration but then changes when it’s available again to have registration information and a link to a pdf registration form. I would like to make this more automated using a plugin like this but would like to have a notification option when the workshop is closed so if people come to the page they can enter their email address and get notified when they can register. Obviously this means different notification groups need to be created. I have 10 workshops and each would need their own group I can email (scheduled email would be nice). 🙂


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    Hello @nortok00,

    There is no direct feature such as to notify the user. However, you can implement similar functionality with the help of two forms and our MailChimp addon.

    Create a contact type of form with an only Email field. This form serves the purpose of Notify Me functionality. In the backend, connect this form with one of your MailChimp lists using the add-on. When any user submits the form, the plugin creates the user in your MailChimp account. From MailChimp, you can send a notification email to all the listed users just before starting the registration.

    When your registration starts, Create and publish the registration form. Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Thank you so much for the speedy reply. Ironically I already tried this using a Mailchimp embedded form with just the email field on each workshop page. The only difference between the form is that I have a hidden field in the form that references which workshop it is (ex: workshop a, workshop b, etc.) On the Mailchimp side I have Grouped my audience into these groups (group 1: workshop a, group 2: workshop b). I have the free version so you’re only allowed one Audience/List (although on their website they even say only one list should be used and it’s managed via groups and segments.

    In my testing everything works fine until I try subscribing to multiple workshops with the same email address then I get the message “ is already subscribed to list MyList. Click here to update your profile” and the person has to manually go and update their profile. If this isn’t done then the person doesn’t get added to the additional workshops. When I do the manual profile update via the link that’s presented then I look at my contacts I can see just one contact but in their profile are the various workshops under “Groups” which makes sense.

    My question is… Is there a way to set Mailchimp to not check for duplicate email addresses and to just continue with the processing? This could be code that’s added to a form or a setting in Mailchimp. I have searched and searched online but couldn’t find anything (either this can’t be done with Mailchimp or I’m using the wrong search query).

    I have used Mailchimp many times but in hindsight the websites only had one newsletter subscription so the message makes sense but it seems to me when it comes to a person subscribing to multiple items then Mailchimp should just do the processing and not present that error. Obviously someone subscribing to more than one workshop, event, newsletter, ebook, offer, etc on a website. is going to provide the same email address. I know Aweber had a feature where you could toggle this on/off per form.

    After I ran into this error that’s when I started looking for plugins thinking there would be a different way to manage this. Based on the workaround you gave me I would run into the same issue unless I can turn this off (meaning Mailchimp just processes the subscription).

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