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  • makemoneygal


    I am currently using a paid theme called Directory Press by Premium press and want to transition to a regular wordpress theme.

    Right now my images are here,.
    Once I change themes,..all of those images will be broken and not show up.

    How do I redirect these images to work in my new theme? My theme was a directory and I have hundreds of images,…any ideas for me?

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  • Sabinou


    If you can use a FTP client and you have access to phpmyadmin (no offense meant, I can’t know), this is fairly easy to achieve.

    Copy the images to a folder on your disk, and reupload them to /wp-content/uploads/subfoldernameofyourchoice
    (me, starting when wordpress gallery features were less cool, I’ve stuck to having my own /images/ subfolders not managed by wordpress at all, but to each his own)

    And then, following Lorelle’s guide :
    , update the content of your posts so that hyperlinks with /wp-content/themes/directorypress/thumbs/ are replaced with /wp-content/uploads/subfoldernameofyourchoice

    I imagine there must be more “elegant” solutions in which the images are managed by wordpress as part of its inner gallery system, but that, I don’t know how to do it ^^



    Thanks,..this should be a start for me. If there are any other tips or advice on transitioning from my existing theme, I would appreciate it.



    Well, the only real advice I really want to give is : stop relying on your theme for non-theme related features. This is simply abnormal that images you show in your blog posts depend on what theme you’re currently using. What if you want to change your blog theme again in the future, will you be stuck again ?
    You’d better rely on the wordpress library system. From within the post editor you can manually add and/or manage images, and those images from the library will be available no matter what blog theme you’ll have chosen in the future 🙂



    Correct me if I am wrong, but as long as the theme folder is still in the site and has not been deleted, just deactivated, the images should appear.



    Thanks for the advice. This theme i sset up to have images in a special folder to work and if I could of avoided than at installation I would have. I will have to get to work to get this all sorted out, so my image storage is set up the right way.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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