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    Hi there,

    I was wondering if there is an option to push to Sendy if a CPT post has a specific category attached to it.

    So say that I’m just using the regular WP Posts Post Type and was posting with categories of News, Updates, Local.

    Could I trigger an email to be pushed to Sendy only if a one of those categories is used?

    To take this further, I’d like to push different emails to Sendy when each of the different categories is used.

    I wonder if this plugin does that?

    Thank you so much.

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  • Plugin Author cnesbit


    Hi Nathan,

    Currently, Multilist Subscribe for Sendy does not support WordPress Post Categories – but that is a great idea!

    I’m currently working on a redesign of the plugin to make it easier to use. The Roadmap for future versions of this plugin includes being compatible with’s segmentation feature. I can add WordPress Post Categories compatibility to the roadmap – if you have any further clarification for how Categories might be incorporated, or useful, within this plugin, I would appreciate whatever feedback you can give me. 🙂

    In the meantime, you would have to stick to using a different Post Type for each different email, rather than a different Categories for each. There are several plugins that can help you create the different Custom Post Types and relate them to each other as needed.

    Thank you for reaching out, I hope this info is helpful.

    Thread Starter Nathan Wrigley


    Thanks for the lengthy reply.

    Essentially what I’m hoping to achieve is some sort of logic based off of the taxonomy of the post.


    If the Post has xxx taxonomy, use the xxx template and push it to Sendy.
    If the Post has zzz taxonomy, use the zzz template and push it to Sendy.

    So the taxonomy leads to the possibility to send out different looking email templates.


    Plugin Author cnesbit


    thanks for the additional information. I will keep this in mind for future versions of the plugin!

    Have a great weekend!

    I´m curious if there is an ETA for the updated version?

    Do you have a solution for this?:
    When a new WP post is created an unique email list is automatically created at Sendy and users that follow this post will be added to only that specific list. Is it possible to do that? When the post is updated or commented an email should be sent automatically to all of the the followers of only that post.
    A lot of petition/crowdfunding sites have this feature. Sorry for my newbie questions, I´m not a coder.

    Plugin Author cnesbit


    Hi Hasse,

    I do not have an ETA on the next plugin release yet. Unfortunately there is no way to create a new list through the Sendy API – which this plugin used to interface with Sendy. But if you already have the list created, you could assign that listID to a template in this plugin and specify a custom post type of “petition”.

    Anyone on your petition list would get an email whenever a new petition is created.

    If you want each petition to have its own list with this plugin, you would have to have a separate custom post type for each petition. I know that not ideal, but perhaps segmentation would make this easier in the next version of the plugin.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for your fast reply!

    I have some follow up questions. Is the best workflow to do it like this?
    1) Create a Sendy list with a custom field (petition).
    2) Use a subscribe form with a hidden custom post type = Sendy custom field?
    3) When the blog post author wants to send an update to his unique subscribers he will just send to the segmented emails automatically thru sendy api.

    – Is it possible to automatically assign a new WP post id to a hidden field so it can connect with the custom data (to be able to segment it later)?
    – I must find a automatic solution for this and even if I´m not a coder it feels like a simple task to make a “blog id=hidden custom field value” 🙂

    – It´s certainly not optimal to have a very large list with many segments, but it´s at least a solution to start with 🙂 Maybe Sendy develop their API in the future to even offer “create new list”.

    – Have I understood it correctly that Sendy automatically can send campaigns to the segmented lists? Then every user could have a button: “update your followers thru email” next to every campaign that´s listed in their user profile. Maybe better to set it to draft status and inform me with a email that something is in the sendqueue?

    Sorry for all of my rookie questions, but you seems to know a lot of this and maybe can help me?

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    Plugin Author cnesbit


    Hi Hasse,

    There is currently no way in this plugin to send custom fields to, and I am not aware of there being any custom field functionality in Sendy’s API either.

    The best work flow with the current plugin is:
    1) Create a Sendy list (name it whatever you want). You could create 1 list for all petitions, or a separate list for each petition.
    2) Create a custom post type for each petition (ex: petition1, petition2, etc…)
    3) Create a Sendy Campaign Template, in this plugin, for each custom post type
    4) When a blog post author wants to send an update to his unique subscribers, he can just create a new petition using _his_ custom post type.

    Concerning hidden fields for custom data, as I said there is no way to transmit custom data between wordpress and the Sendy API at this time. If that functionality is added to the Sendy API in the future, that would be really powerful though!

    Hopefully this info gives you some guidance on how you can “get by” with this plugin. Best of luck!

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