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  • Social Media Buttons are all I need for my needs, but the drawback is that whenever I add a new post I have to manually configure the social buttons again and again. Is there a way to preset the social buttons and just add the widget? And, maybe more important, in the case I need to add a new social network, I won’t have to manually edit all the posts in order to add it. It would be awesome if some feature like this can be added. Or if I missed it, please point it to me.
    Thank you.

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  • Hey @ovidiu

    I’m not quite sure how you’ve been doing it so far. So I’ll broadly cover two options.

    At Appearance > Theme Settings > Social you can enable Post Sharing. That’ll add a Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn share button to the bottom of each single post.

    Alternatively, use Jetpack Sharing:
    It has lots of network and display options. Very cool module.

    Hope that helps.

    Hello, @misplon.
    Thank your for your time and answer.

    Unfortunately, the Theme Settings > Social isn’t enough, I need more networks, I don’t need it at the bottom of the post, and all I need is icons linking to social profiles.

    Basically, what I need is exactly what Social Media Buttons have to offer, but I need it in a reusable manner, without having to set everything up on every page/post.

    Yes, Jetpack have a lot of cool stuff, but maybe it’s a bit too much for my purpose. And I’m looking at Social Media Buttons that is bult-in and offers everything I need… it’s a pitty I have to manually update every page/post when/if I need to add/remove a network.

    I will use it as is for now and I hope a miracle will happen in the (near) future or at the next update. 🙂

    Thank you.

    For sure 🙂

    Not quite following the problem with Jetpack. Have you tried that specific module? You can turn all the other Jetpack modules off if you want. You just choose your networks, choose how you want the icons to display and choose which instances they should display. Having looked at several I think it’s up there with the best social plugins out there.

    (For sure the Vantage setup is very minimal. Jetpack Social is definitely my recommend option if you want more. Quick to setup, no dev needed. Of course, it’s up to you.)

    The problem with Jetpack is, first of all – it requires connection with WordPress (I really hate at all plugins that require connection to 3rd party sites), secondly – Jetpack offers social sharing and I need just links to social profiles, and third – I can’t easily customize the icons.

    Oh, I’m aware of Slim Jetpack, I’ve used it quite a lot on several sites, but for very different purposes.
    “For sure the Vantage setup is very minimal” – That’s exactly why I’d like to use as few plugins as possible.

    And yes, I have very fixed ideas about what I need and how I want it. And it’s alsi true that very few people consider that a quality 😀

    All good points 🙂

    If you’re doing this manually you’d need to use a child theme. It’s, unfortunately, beyond our scope of support but the general is this. In content.php you’ll find the following:

    <?php do_action('vantage_entry_main_bottom') ?>

    You can use this action hook to display your icons. You could add your new function to functions.php and use this hook.

    Using Action Hooks in WordPress Child Themes

    Hope that helps you down the right path 🙂

    PHP. Yikes!

    I am using a child theme, I always do, and I will definitely try it. Let’s hope I will succeed too. 🙂

    Thank you very much for your time and guidance.

    For sure. An intermediate level task. You’d basically need to write a small function to display your social icons. You’d then use the action hook I mentioned to display that function. Lots of documentation out there on doing this. Hope you make progress 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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