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  • So I just started a blog. I have 3 pages.

    The “Home” Page is where I just post up bits of news on a regular basis.
    The “Article” Page is where i’d like to post up more thoughtful constructive pieces.
    The “Constact” page is just a static page where I have some contact information.

    So far I’ve only had reason to post on the “Home” page, but today I wrote a nice little piece and when I think I’m posting it to the Article Page, it goes straight to the home page. is there any way i can pick and choose which page my posts get posted on?

    ANY help would be much appreciated. I like to write but have no idea what i’m doing beyond that.

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  • Hum no pages are usually static information and not used for posts with the exception when you set a static page as homepage.

    Probably what you want (easiest) is different categories. Depending on the theme it’s very simple to make a menu with links to different categories. You can name categories to whatever you want. So you can tag a post both for your homepage as well as article ( or not ) and then it will show up like that while keeping contact a normal page.

    Alright so i’m pretty sure I did what you said. I removed my “articles” page from the menu, and replaced it with a “category” titled “articles.

    I created a test post and tagged it only as what the category was, and the post appeared on both the main page and the category page, which for now is fine. The only problem is that the category page has a big yellow “Category Archives” above my test post.

    anyway to correct that?

    It’s theme-specific but you can go to your archives page ( archive.php ) in your theme and remove this text. Maybe you theme has options for this, but I can’t say.

    Be sure to make a backup if you’re not familiar with php 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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