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    You can, though it depends on how you’re using it. If you’re using Inkblot, there’s an option to remove the webcomic on the Appearance > Customize page, and you can create webcomic landing pages using the Webcomic Home page template.

    If you’re using Integrate, you’d need to create a custom loop_start.php template to remove the webcomic from the homepage and then add the necessary Webcomic code to another page (probably a template; you could just steal the one that’s in Inkblot).

    I think I understand what your saying although I am not entirely sure how to execute it.

    I’d like the comic to be on a page its own separate from the home and blog roll mostly because my blogroll is too small to accomadate the larger page sizes I’d want to use.

    I developed a custom page with a larger column to accommodate the plugin as well as my comic.

    If I’m not making sense here’s my website for you to see

    The page I set up for the plugin is in the Comics Page part.

    So do I need to copy paste the code from the plugin files into the custom page?

    Much appreciated! Seriously I was half expecting to hear from anybody for a few weeks

    after playing around with it I think I’m beginning to understand how to get the plugin running now however I am running into one persistent snag.
    When I paste the webcomic code into the custom-page.php it appears there well enough but when I navigate with the next and last buttons the comic that appears doesn’t load using the custom-page.php format but instead seems to be using the single.php or page.php for its stylings

    How do I get the plugin to designate which page format to use?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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