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  • There is an invoice number, but it is labeled ‘Order Number’. We use the sequential numbering plugin to keep the order numbers close.


    I also would be interested in an seperate invoice number.
    I use woocommerce-sequential-order-numbers but order number is not equal to invoice number according to austrian tax laws.

    Is there any???


    Hi, I have the same request! The law is same in Slovakia. I need a sequential invoice number, but only for those products, which are paid. Sequential numbering plugin is practicly useless, because, sometimes orders are not processed by date they arrived, but by our current stock, In this case, i gate an invoice 004 with todays date, and 005 with two weeks old date, because this order was made first.. not to mention, that some orders are for free, so I dont need an invoice etc, etc… any way to fix work around this problem?

    Have to ask the same question – how do you get an invoice number to display?

    according to my tax consultant, the only workarround for now is to also print the invoices which was not billed as well and put them to the documents – but it is not according to the law…

    Same here, any solutions?

    Plugin Author piffpaffpuff


    thanks for the suggestions. the plugin only prints out data that was generated in woocommerce. to my knowledge there is no build in feature in woocommerce that would allow you to have a different order and invoice number. which means, the plugin can’t print it.

    please post your feature request in the woocommerce forum in case you need a more refined invoicing, with invoice dates, numbers, etc.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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